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Joe Aguilar 1
Joe Aguilar 2
Andrew K. Blackley
Charles B. Herian
John Morrill
Jerry Owens



If you have any photos you would like displayed on this web site, please send them to the Webmaster.

If you have a scanner, save the prints or slides in either .tiff, or .bmp format and email them to me in their original scanned size.

If you do not have a scanner, you can mail your prints or slides to me at this address:

Curtis Hatterman
5521 Cedar Ridge Drive
Enid, Oklahoma 73703

I will return your original prints or slides to you after they are scanned.  You WILL get them back.  The site owner, Earl Massey, knows me personally and knows where I live.<grin>

If you have any questions you can call me at 1-580-233-6032

Thank you.