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Andrew K. Blackley


Here are some scanned photos of my dad in front of his Easy 8, taken in March 1951. The other photo is of the entire Assault Gun Platoon. His tank is at the very back of the line. I believe the lead tank was "Patton's Puppies", while my dad was in "Homewrecker" and "Hellfire". Most of the tanks in the platoon had names starting with H.


A copy of the order for a Distinguished Unit Citation for the action at Ipsok, Nov 26, 1950. The platoon was in support of Easy Company, 27th Reg., 25th Infantry (the Wolfhounds) and helped defend the CP of Task Force Dolvin from being overrun. The Easy Company CO, Capt. Reginald Desiderio was killed and was awarded the Medal of Honor.


Some Chi-Com leaflets.